Designed For Virtual Queue

In times of COVID-19, Smooth-Q has come up with the solution of managing the number of customers in your store. It is the tool which is designed to avoid the lining up of people outside your store. If you are a store owner, start using Smooth-Q now!

Smooth-Q can be used anywhere !!!

Features Of Smooth-Q

  • E-Ticket
  • See the last E-Ticket.
  • Generate QR code tickets for those not having a smartphone.
  • Check the last generated ticket.
  • Manage the number of people allowed in the store.
  • Check the number of people waiting.
  • Reset the counter.

Smooth-Q Brochure

... Quick Setup ...

The store using Smooth-Q will only need a staff member at the entrance and a web browser

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Phone: +91 9846240458